‘The Bonk’

So yesterday I was riding too work post 100km commute, and had consumed what I thought to be an exceedingly large dinner the night before and a suitably large breakfast in the morning before even leaving the house.

So as I was saying riding to work yesterday morning, I got 7 miles into it and began to fixate about food, any food, I got pins and needles in my hands and my concentration started to wander, which immediately corresponded to a sudden and massive drop in power output.

The seasoned cyclists among you will know this is ‘the bonk’  or ‘the knock’ The unfortunate and unhappy place cyclist’s go to when they don’t eat enough either pre / post / during exercise and it all goes horribly wrong.

Mercifully I pack for this occasion every time I go out as you can clearly see here:

Packing for the bonk
Packing for the bonk

So slowing to a stop at the lights in Hathern I went straight for the business end of an TORQ Gel, now I had expected this to be good (because it was rhubarb and custard flavor) but words fail to get close to just how good that was, a massive sugar hit to my depleted body and legs in my all time favorite flava’ rapidly followed by the hobnob biscuit and banana, although by this time I had started to ride again up the hill and breathing around a hobnob bar is an art form and not especially attractive, but I got through.

Life Saving Essentials

So now in my bag is a large random collection of individually wrapped biscuits, more energy gels and an eccles cake, you know, just in case.


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