These are some of my favourite things….

Eating for the 100km Commute is a task all by itself
Eating on the 130km Grand Fondo
Remains of the day, post ‘Bonk’ packaging

Clearly there comes a time in every mans life when he has to quote Julie Andrews, today people is that day.

It may come as no surprise to learn that things that feature in virtually my every waking moment, are in no particular order, (more akin to a psychedelic swirl of consciousness) are riding, sleeping, sore legs, strava, the weather, and eating….

Some of this is cause and effect, and sometimes its hard to unpick which comes first, sometimes they all feel like a constant…

I guess eating is a pleasure and a curse.  Some days, especially the 100km days its a curse as I get fixated on the food, ‘eating enough’ and the fear of ‘the bonk’ on the ride home, or indeed as ably articulated in a recent post ‘the bonk’  on the ride in to work straight after breakfast…

On balance I love eating, perhaps only second to sleeping, or maybe riding itself, or thinking about the ride, or reviewing the ride with friends on strava, or bragging about the ride with friends, or planning for the weather, or the weather itself if the sun is out or its a crisp autumnal morning, like today…  Anyway these are some of my favourite things.


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